Low Vision Care

Wayne Smith Optometrist is one of the few optometry practices that practice low vision care. Low Vision is a permanent loss of vision that cannot be improved with ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses, medicine or surgery.


Low Vision can be a result of either congenital or acquired factors, such as:
- Cataracts
- Macular Degeneration
- Retinitis Pigmentosa
- Stargardt's Syndrome
- Retinal Detachments
- Glaucoma
- Diabetic Retinopathy
- Albinism

Making the most of your remaining vision:

There are numerous devices to help you remain independent with Low Vision, including making things bigger and brighter, as well as reducing the glare and increasing the contrast.

How to assist a loved one with loss of vision:

If a loved one is suffering from vision loss, it is important that they feel empowered to do as much as possible independently. Recognize the challenges of vision loss but allow them to complete tasks without too much assistance.