We offer the following services:

- Examinations and testing: Wayne Smith Optometrist offers comprehensive eye examinations to test vision. The results of these examinations will determine whether a patient requires glasses or contact lenses and the strength of the lenses they require. Wayne Smith also performs diagnostic tests for glaucoma and assists with treatment.

- Contact Lens Fitting and Assessment: Should your eye examination determine that you require corrective eyewear, Wayne Smith is able to assess which type of contact lenses you require and fit you with the best possible option.

- Driver's License Screening: Wayne Smith Optometrists offer free Drivers License Screening to their patients, saving them the effort of having to wait in line for an eye test while booking their driver's license appointment.

  • Comprehensive Eye Examination

  • Contact Lens Assessment and Fitting

  • Low Vision Care

  • Glaucoma Testing

  • Free Drivers License Screening

  • Wide Range of Frames – Designer and Generic